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In Cameroon, the Nso Inspired Foundation is associated with efforts to combat Cataracts and corrective eye surgery. These are indeed important priorities for us over the past 2 years. But our work in Cameroon will be much more far-reaching, addressing a multitude of challenges in the areas of health, agriculture, and financial services for the poor.

We are working with partners throughout the country, ensuring far greater impact than our physical presence might suggest. We maintain one office in New York and Cameroon—where we devote the largest share of our resources and expertise. We plan to have representatives eventually throughout several African countries.

Our modest presence in this country gives us a clearer understanding of local needs and each community’s ability to support solutions for itself. It also helps us become better partners and devise more effective strategies that align with national development goals.

As the director of the foundation’s Africa team, I invite you to explore our work across the continent and join us in working together to improve the lives of Africa’s people.

David N. Nso
Director, NsoInspired Foundation.

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Nso Inspired is a Not For Profit Organization that aims to empower people in different countries of Africa. Founded in 2015, Nso Inspired Foundation’s goal was to serve the people of Cameroon.

Nso Inspired strives to improve the quality of lives by, providing no-cost general healthcare, promoting sport and wellness programs by providing access to such programs, as well as educating our community on living a healthy lifestyle. We accomplish this work by working with Cameroonian communities, hospitals, organizations and local volunteers.

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The health care issues we engage in are wildly disparate, but they share the characteristics of being deeply rooted, dynamic, and complex. None will be solved easily and quickly, and none will be solved through our efforts alone. We do all of our work in collaboration with partners and volunteers throughout the community, who join with us in taking risks, pushing for new solutions, and harnessing the transformative power of science and technology.


We strive to engage with our partners in a spirit of trust, and communication. Our successes depend on the support of communities, and many individuals.

We develop goals and strategies before allocating our resources. We are continually collecting and sharing data on our progress, we reflect on lessons learned, and make course corrections as needed. Essential to this process is ongoing dialogue with all involved throughout to ensure success. We reflect on and review each strategy annually, and make adjustments to our implementation plan toward achieving our goals.

Within each project, which has an allocation of resources, we collectively collaborate to develop projects that align with our strategic priorities and the partnering organization’s focus and capabilities. An important part of this process is reaching agreement on what success will look like as it pertains to the community in regards to the impact it holds.

Our principle David Nso works to identify areas of support throughout the community that aligns with our objectives, in consultation with foundation colleagues, researchers, and other partners in the field. This phase concludes with an internal board decision that a concept is aligned to a strategy, and we should proceed with development work.

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Working Together in Our African Communities

While the Nso Inspired Foundation works globally, we recognize that improving people’s lives often happens at the local level, where individuals take action in their own communities.

Our Foundation will make it easier for local and community organizations to connect with our team and partners for opportunities including volunteering, site visits, and potential speaking engagements. We would love to get you connected with any of our Directors or partners in order for them to share on how you too can get involved and be a part of the Nso Inspired Dream!

Working together in our global communities, we can solve our greatest challenges.

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